Trip Details

The Trekking Company

PackingAfter a bit of shopping around, we chose the UK-based Team Kilimanjaro. Though sorting out payment and foreign exchange fees to the UK was a bit of a pain during the initial booking, the trek and accommodations once we arrived were excellent. Not only that, our chief guide, assistant guide, and all of the porters were endlessly professional, making for a great time on the mountain. Team Kilimanjaro has a number of different price points and offers both Kilimanjaro treks and various safaris, letting you plan the entire trip with one group.

Our Route

We took Team Kilimanjaro‘s seven-day Rongai variant that adds an extra day for acclimatization onto the typical Rongai route. This route also allows for plenty of options depending on the speed and skill level of the hikers on your team. The Google Map below shows the path that our team took up Kilimanjaro.

Check out our blog for more detailed accounts of our time on the mountain

Our Accommodations

Outpost Lodge – Arusha, Tanzania
Most of our time spent off the mountain was at this lodge made up of a complex of smaller buildings (each with a few guest rooms) surrounding a slightly larger hotel-style building, a cafe with delicious food, and a little courtyard and pool area.

Impala Hotel – Arusha, Tanzania
Unfortunately, we weren’t able to book rooms at the Outpost for all nights off the mountain, so spent one in the Impala. Though larger and more traditionally Western, this hotel lacked the charm and personal feel of the Outpost, so we were all happy to return to our previous accommodations.

The Flights

Boston (Logan International Airport) to Amsterdam (Schipol)

  • Operator: Delta
  • Flight time: ~ 6hrs

Amsterdam (Schipol) to Tanzania (Kilimanjaro International Airport)

  • Operator: KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Flight time: ~ 8hrs

Tanzania (Kilimanjaro International Airport) to Amsterdam (Schipol)

  • Operator: KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines
  • Flight time: ~ 10hrs

Amsterdam (Schipol) to Boston (Logan International Airport)

  • Operator: Delta
  • Flight time: ~ 7hrs

Total Travel Time

  • Time in the air: ~31 hours
  • Travel time including layovers: ~40 hours