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Only a handful of individuals with cerebral palsy have summited Mount Kilimanjaro unassisted. Our team will climb it in February 2013. This climb is about something so much more than a personal conquest; we climb so that people with disabilities in the Boston area have the opportunity to push their own limits – to take their first steps or live a more independent life. Accomplishments like these are just as monumental as climbing a mountain.

How can you help?

We invite you to look at our diverse and creative sponsorship options. UCP of MetroBoston is a designated 501(c)3 nonprofit. 100% of your donation will go directly to their organization and is tax deductible. Your commitment to our climb will ensure that other individuals with CP and similar disabilities have the opportunity and support to push their limits and live a better life, so they can one day be in a position to help others. By choosing one of the options described in this package, you will ensure that UCP is a constant force in the community, making one miracle happen at a time for people with disabilities.

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