Real Deal Brazil Hats

Throughout this project, we haven’t accepted many contributions made in in-kind donations, opting to cover trek, travel, and gear costs ourselves in order to maximize support for UCP of MetroBoston. However, when we reached out to Real Deal Brazil (a super awesome company that you should check out) for sponsorship, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to sport some earth-friendly fashion in Africa.

“As a small company, the Real Deal Brazil isn’t able to do much by way of contributions, but between the terrific nature of your charity, your group’s direct connection to it, and the outstanding manner in which you’re attempting to raise visibility for it, we felt we really had no option but to take part.” – Frank Rabey, Real Deal Brazil

A big thanks to Frank and everyone at Real Deal Brazil for their support, kind words, and the great way in which they produce their products.

Climb for CP Indiegogo Campaign

We have started an Indiegogo Campaign! Indiegogo is an international crowdfunding site where anyone can raise money for film, music, art, charity, and more. This site also allows us to offer perks to those who contribute to our fundraising efforts.

For example, if you contribute $150, you will receive a framed, autographed summit photo of the team and a piece of our summit banner. This is a great opportunity to contribute and receive some cool stuff in return.

Check out for details. Don’t forget to share this web address with your friends!

Massachusetts Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Benefit Seminar – Feb 2nd

Our friends at Massachusetts Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are holding an awesome Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Benefit Seminar for the climb on February 2nd at 11:00am.

$20.00 to attend and all proceeds go to United Cerebral Palsy of MetroBoston. The seminar is for all skill levels and a great opportunity for anyone interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu — learn some techniques from experienced masters.

This is a great way to support our cause and learn some sweet martial arts! If you’re interested, join the Facebook event or stop by on the 2nd.

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More press! Climb for Cerebral Palsy in the Boston Metro

Boston Metro’s Morgan Rousseau chatted with Phil and Austin about the upcoming climb, along with our motivation and fundraising initiative. You can read an online version, or see the print article with a photo of the team.

Austin Whipple in The Times Argus

While home for the holidays, Austin went for a quick run in the snow and encountered a photographer from Central Vermont’s Times Argus. After a feature photo in December 27th’s issue, Austin shared a bit more information about the Climb and our cause. The entire story can be read on the Times Argus website.

From the Times Argus